11 Tips to Make Your Flight More Pleasant

Let’s be honest — no one likes long flights (not taking in account those, who travel first or business class. To be honest, we’re not even sure they read travel blog sites like ours). Crowds of people, pressure drops, no room, dry air — almost every detail can be quite disturbing during your flight. Fortunately, there are a lot of lifehacks than can make every hard trip less devastating.

Check-in Online

Most airlines have an online check-in service. You will get a chance to pick up and save a lot of time at the airport.


Avoid First Seats

In most of cases fist seats are the baby kingdom. So if you don’t like to be surrounded with kids, pick up a place in the middle row.

Choose a Seat Near the Wing

That’s the secret place where turbulence has less power.

Take an Empty Bottle Onboard

It will save you a couple of bucks. Just ask your flight attendant to will it up with water. It’s that simple.

Take Some Snacks from Home

Don’t be ashamed! We all know, that onboard catering can be quite unhealthy. So pack a bunch of apples, nuts or cheese and profit in every possible way.

Use Airport TV Monitors to Charge Your Phone

No more fighting for the power socket — charge your phone via USB-port of the nearest TV monitor.

Duty Free Before Boarding

If you’re at the beginning of a long journey, don’t miss a chance to walk for a few minutes and buy something useful. We all need chocolate, you know.


Pack Spare Clothes

You will definitely want to feel refreshed after a long flight. You won’t believe how much joy a pair of clean underwear can bring.

Wear a Pair of Leggings

Forget about fashion. Comfortable clothes=pleasant flight.

Buy a Travel Pillow

This is one of the best purchases a passenger can make. After the chocolate bar at the Duty Free, of course.

Don’t Forget about the Bestsellers

If our previous advices didn’t help, this little fellas will sure do the trick. Travel safe!


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