4 Unusual Destinations for Winter Holidays

You can’t surprise anyone with photos from ski resorts in winter. So if you want to make your traveling blog more popular, you’ll have to find new locations. Stop wasting your time — save these 4 travel destinations, that will blow everyone’s mind.

Hot Springs in Iceland

Tourist usually visit Iceland in summer. But they’re wrong — Iceland is simply breathtaking in winter. First of all, you get a chance to see Northern Lights (ok, WOW). Second — cold season is the perfect time for bathing in icelandic natural hot springs. Geothermal Spa Blue Lagoon near Reykjavik is one of the best places to choose. Water temperature in Blue Lagoon is 99–98°F — it can melt the coldest hearts (test it on your X).


Eskimo Adventures in Switzerland

There’s a real eskimo village at Pizol ski resort in Switzerland (7000 feet above sea level). But if you want to stay overnight you’ll have to build your own igloo — don’t forget to take your mittens. Besides that you’ll get a chance to go hiking in snowshoes (YAY).

Frozen Sea in Estonia

Every February, when the Baltic sea is glazed, locals pave the way from mainland to islands right on ice. Don’t worry — the roads will be working only in case ice is 9 inches thick. It will definitely be a road trip of a lifetime.

Icy Wedding in Finland

Freeze the moment — you can play a great ceremony in a chapel fully made of ice. And after that stay overnight in a snow hotel. How romantic is that? Check out Arctic Snow Hotel.

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