5 Must-Haves for Traveling Moms

You already know the tips, that will help you in the process of preparing for the first flight with a child. As promised, today we’re telling about the most necessary things every mom should have in her hand luggage during family travel.

The 5 must-haves: wet towels, a blanket (you can replace it with a big warm scarf), spare clothes (including underwear), snacks and a bottle of water with a feeder.

Newborn Baby

Make sure you have: diapers, 2–3 spare soothers, several books and interactive toys. You can also take some new toys (the ones that make sound are pure genius) to catch the baby’s attention in critical situations.

1–2 Years

The main thing you should have is patience: at this age children don’t like staying in one place, so be prepared for long walks in the cabin. And don’t forget to buy a big pack of biscuits.

3–4 Years

You can’t even imagine how many problems can be solved if you have a baby pot packed in your hand luggage. Yes, it’s big and not very easy to transport, but totally worth every effort.

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5–6 Years

Take some coloring books and crayons — these little fellas will save you 30 minutes of sleep during the flight. And don’t forget to take a portable charger for your phone or tablet — gadgets are a best friend to every junior traveller.

Things that can also come to use: sliced apples, medical supplies and spare t-shirts for each of the parents. Feeding can sometimes be messy, you know.

Travel safe!

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