Eat & drink: 10 things you should try in Spain

Exploring a new country is always fascinating. Especially when it comes to food & drinks. So if you’re planning your visit in Spain, don’t forget about the “essentials” from Travel Monster.


Horchata is made of almond powder, sugar and water. The drink is just amazing, especially when it’s served cold.


Ok, this one is not a surprise — the soup is rather popular in Europe and the US. The good news is that it has 2 typically spanish varieties — Salmorejo and Ajoblanco.


Sangria is basically red wine + fruits. Though the combination is simple the result exceeds any expectations. Hint: if you’re going to dinner in 4, order a jugful of Sangria. Too much is never enough.


Cava is sparkling wine from Catalonia. Brut, dry or semi-dry — any choice is correct. Serve it freezing cold on a hot summer day and fall in love.


In Spain cider is released in champagne-like bottles and starts from 0,6 euro. It’s light, sweet & totally worth trying.


Jerez is a great full-bodied beverage with an outstanding aroma. It’s really tasty and if you take a bottle marked “dulce” it will be sweet as well.


Jamon is a jerky dainty which you can find in any supermarket, BUT in Spain it’s just fantastic. Try it with red wine and melon.


Turron is a national spanish sweet made of almonds, sugar, honey and sometimes candied fruit or walnuts. You can find it at candy-shops named Heladería, Pastelería, Turronería.


It’s just a good spanish beer. That’s all


There are 2 types of paella you should try: “Valenciana” (yellow rice+fish+chicken+vegetables+beans) and “De mariscos” (with seafood). Sometimes paella is served with pasta instead of rice — the combination is quite questionable, but you can take a risk.

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