Family Travel: Preparing for the Flight

Nothing can ruin your flight like a crying baby. Especially if it’s yours. Fortunately every problem can be solved without tears. All you have to do is follow our small instructions.

Step 1 — You

Prepare yourself for the worst: the baby will be crying, the neighbours will be scandalous and the toilet will be permanently occupied. If you are too sensible — drink something sedative (it better not be vodka, of course) in order not to get nervous. Remember: calm parents = calm child.

You should make an agreement with your partner — no quarrels during the flight. Even if you are ready to kill each other, wait until landing. This rule is good in every possible way, trust us. Mainly because your positive attitude will let the child feel more comfortable and relaxed.

If your partner likes drinking alcohol during the flights, you should kindly ask him or her to renounce this habit. The situation when one of the parents is trying to calm down the child and the other one is focusing on the beverage is just not right.

Step 2 — The Baby

Before your first flight tell the child more about the plane — describe the sound it makes and different passengers, for example. Try to catch his attention describing how easy and interesting it is to play there. The main idea of this kind of storytelling is to provoke child’s will to travel — in his mind the word “flight” should be equal to “Christmas”.

Some parents recommend letting the child do something unusual during the flight. Mostly, the activities you don’t let him do at home — drinking cola, eating chocolate candies or playing games on your IPad.

Generally speaking, plane is a zone of controlled disobedience and never-ending holiday.

In our next article we will tell you about the things, you should always have in your hand luggage, while traveling with a child. Don’t miss it!

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