How to Save Money During Your Trip to Las Vegas

If you’re thinking of heading to the bright lights of Vegas, you’re in for a fantastic time, but you can easily find yourself slightly bankrupt if you’re not careful! By watching your cash and choosing the budget options, you’ll be able to experience everything Vegas has to offer.

Fly Indirect

You will find that before you even arrive in the desert, you can save cash by flying indirect. Flights connect in various US cities, such as Atlanta for Delta Airlines, and in many cases you can save big bucks. Provided the lay-over isn’t too long, then you aren’t missing out on any time on the Strip, and you’re keeping cash in your pocket.

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Shop Around For Your Hotel

We know that Vegas hotels are all part of the attraction, but if you have your heart set on staying at Caesar’s Palace or the Bellagio, you’re going to be poor before you even start! There are some lower cost hotels on the Strip that are equally as great, for instance, Mandalay Bay and The Luxor. These are at the end of the Strip that is closest to the airport.

Book Show Tickets Las Minute (And Avoid Touts!)

If you call up the Box Office on the morning of the show and enquire about tickets, you may find that discounts come your way. Always avoid booking tickets on the street, as these are touts who will simply take your cash and leave you with nothing. Avoid at all costs!

Buffets Are Your Friend

Most of the big Vegas hotels offer day long buffets, and this often works out cheaper than eating on the Strip. You can gorge yourself at breakfast and easily fill up at dinner time, from the biggest range of foods you’ve probably ever seen in your life!

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Give Yourself a Gambling Budget (And Stick to it!)

The biggest temptation in Vegas is gambling. You can easily lose a small fortune even on slot machines, if you’re not careful how much you’re putting in. For that reason, give yourself a budget for gambling, and don’t go over it. If you win something, you can decide for yourself whether to re-gamble it, or whether to use it for something else.

The Hop on And Off Bus

Yes, these are touristy, but in Vegas it actually serves as a very useful tool. The Strip is much longer than it looks, and this bus goes up and down constantly through the day and night. One ticket means you can use it for a set amount of days, and it even goes as far as the ‘Welcome to Vegas’ sign, which is borderline impossible to get to without transport.

Saving cash in Vegas isn’t rocket science, and the basics work really well. From years of blogging and travelling, we’ve found that these methods really keep cash in your pocket. Check out advice from other traveling blogger sites, incorporating all you’ve learnt, and you’ll find that Vegas doesn’t have to break the bank.

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