TOP-5 YouTube Traveling Bloggers

Travel videos are a great source of inspiration and information about new countries. We picked up 5 very different, but equally interesting YouTube channels that will help you plan your future trip.

Fun For Louis

1,9 million subscribers

Louis Cole is a british traveler, that gained fame with his daily vlogs from different locations. He doesn’t stay in one place for long — and it’s definitely his ace of trumps. As Louis says — video blog is the best way to show the value of everyday life.

Ben Brown

700 000 subscribers

Ben’s series “Visual Vibes” is a total must-watch for every traveler. His videos with effect of presence are the THING — every viewer gets a chance to feel what it would be if he visited a certain place or country by himself. And besides that, Ben has a lot of funny friends, whose comments make the videos seem even more live.

Devin Supertramp

4,8 million subscribers

There’s a whole bunch of people working on videos for this channel and they’ve already spent more than 700 000$ on equipment. Impressive, huh? Beautiful footage, unique locations, great comments — there you have it. One of the best source of inspiration you’ll ever find.


1,5 million subscribers

Is there a better combination than traveling for food? Definitely not! We strongly advise you not to watch Mark’s videos if you’re hungry — the cravings will be monstrous.


55 000 subscribers

All by myself, I don’t need anyone… to travel with. Christine Kaaloa proves the fact that no one can make your trip better than yourself. Empowering female travel bloger with a great sense of humor and videos with a whole load of useful information and tips. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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