Top Travel Tips For Your Next Adventure

If you’ve ever read any travel blog sites then you will know that there are countless tips out there which can help make your travel adventures easier and less stressful, as well as more successful and enriching.

You obviously don’t have the time to read every single traveling blogger website, so for ease of use and to put everything in one place, let’s put together a list of the best travel tips to help you on your way.

Travelling indirect can save you cash

As long as the lay-over between flights isn’t too long, there are major savings to be found when flying indirect. Sites such as Skyscanner are ideal for finding these combination deals.

Travel with hand luggage only

Don’t freak out, it can be done! Provided you are very ruthless with what you take, you mix and match your clothes, wear your heaviest items (boots and coat), and you buy your toiletries at the airport or in the destination, you can easily save cash on checked luggage. Try it once and you’ll see how easy it can be!

Always change currency at your destination

When you arrive at the airport, head to the currency exchange desk. If you change currency in your home country you will almost always lose out when compared to the rate you will find at your destination.

A Powerbank is a must have

We all know how annoying that flashing red light is when you need to charge your phone or your tablet. Keep a Powerbank handy in your hand luggage, and you can boost your device when you really need it.

Download useful apps

There are countless travel apps that are invaluable when you are on the go. Reading blogging sites will help you find the newest additions to the list, but Rome 2 Rio, Skyscanner, and XE Currency Converter are my must haves. In addition, download coupon or voucher apps for that particular destination, to find great deals on attractions.

Remember to turn off your data roaming

It might sound like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people forget this when they travel. At the airport, before you board your plane, turn off your data roaming, to avoid horrendous bills when you return.

DIY travel is easy and saves cash

We talked earlier about flying indirect, but it’s also important to avoid package holidays as much as possible. These are often inflated in price and charge for single supplements. Instead, use sites which allow you to put together a bespoke break, such as Expedia, to find the best deals, and to find hotels which charge per room, rather than per person.

Utilise these great travel tips, and keep an eye on your favourite travel blog sites, to find any new or additional hints for your next break.

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