Zanzibar – To Go, Or Not To Go?

There are certain travel destinations that cause people to sit on the metaphorical fence. Whilst there’s no denying their beauty (in fact, these types of destinations are usually the most beautiful), there is often a reason for people to hesitate – most of the time it is down to danger, political instability, terrorism, or crime.

You only have to check out travel blog sites to see that Zanzibar is becoming a very popular backpacking destination, and as a traveling blogger myself, I can certainly back that claim up. There is a lot to see and do here, and it is one of the most environmentally diverse destinations you will ever see in your life. If you’re trying to find nature’s beauty, head to Zanzibar!

With that being said, why do people hesitate when it comes to jumping on the next plane to this beautiful island, just off the coast of Tanzania?

Basically, this is because of scare stories. The vast majority of visits to Zanzibar are safe and very enjoyable, but as with any destination on the planet, there are the odd stories here and there which unnerve people. Zanzibar is part of Africa, and that means that there is a certain amount of political uncertainty within the region. Provided you don’t get involved in political discussions or rallies/protests, and basically keep to the tourism side of things, you should be more than fine. As for crime; isn’t there crime everywhere?

It really all comes down to common sense, and from years of blogging and travelling, I have learnt that the only thing that guarantees to keep you safe anywhere on the planet of ours is listening to your gut and going with your common sense. Don’t flash your belongings, dress modestly, and don’t wander around on your own after dark. It’s not rocket science.

Zanzibar City itself is very vibrant and enjoyable, but life on the island is slow, so don’t expect anything to be rushed. Similarly, the beaches are stunningly beautiful, so if you’re all about white sand and blinding blue ocean, this is the spot for you.

In terms of whether to visit Zanzibar or not, as our original question posed, this is rally a no brainer for me. Zanzibar is a stunning destination, and it is home to friendly people and beautiful scenery that will take your breath away. When you break it down to its most basic form, isn’t that all that people want when they travel?

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