Did You Know? 18 Unknown Facts About Mexico

You can travel to all corners of the globe, but you’ll never know everything there is to know about every country you visit. Mexico is country that has always piqued the interest, as it is steeped in Aztec history, whilst also being cultural, sunny, and downright good fun!

You can easily read about Mexico and its major sites on most travel blog sites, but what if you want to find out the real nitty-gritty? What if you want to figure out some unknown facts?

Well, consider it your lucky day! From blogging and researching, we’ve found many an interesting fact about this fascinating country.

    • Mexico’s formal name is not just Mexico, it is actually United Mexican States, or Estados Unidos Mexicanos be super formal
    • The jaguar can actually be found roaming free in the jungles of south Mexico
    • The US-Mexico border is the world’s second longest in the world, after the US-Canada border
    • Mexico is very, very large, in fact it is 756,066 square miles
    • Christmas gifts in Mexico are given on 6 January, not 25 December. This is when they celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men
    • Mexico City is actually sinking 6-8” every year, due to it being built on a lake and the population is booming every single year in correlation
    • The flag of Mexico has three stripes – the green one represents hope, the white one represents purity, and the red one represents the blood of citizens who died in the fight for independence
    • There is an extremely rare rabbit found in Mexico called the volcano rabbit; as the name suggests, it lives near volcanoes
    • Around 60% of today’s Mexican population is Mestizo, which is a combination of Indian and Spanish

  • Mexico gained independence in 1810, and Independence Day is celebrated on 15-16 September every year
  • Mexico is home to the world’s largest number of bullfighting rings, with the Plaza Mexico the largest in the world
  • You can thank Mexico for introducing chocolate to the world
  • Football is Mexico’s most popular sport, but a form of rodeo called charreada is actually the national sport
  • Texas was formerly a province of Mexico, before it gained independence in 1836
  • The world’s largest pyramid is not in Egypt, it is actually the Great Pyramid of Cholula in Mexico
  • There are more than 50 different native dialects of Spanish spoken across the country, especially in rural areas
  • The most populated Spanish-speaking country on the planet is Mexico
  • Chichen Itza is one of the new Seven Wonders of The World

Do these interesting facts grab your interest and make you want to visit this mystical and beautiful country?

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