Save Money in Rome – 5 Cheap (Yet Good) Restaurants to Try

Rome is not one of the world’s cheapest cities to eat in, or even stay in. That being said, it is one of the most wonderful cities on earth. If you can get there and save cash, you’ll be in for a double whammy experience, so it’s important to do your research ahead of time.

Contrary to popular opinion, there are many cheap, yet delicious, restaurants to try in Rome, and some of them are certainly more upmarket than the price tag would suggest.

Here are five of the best you should have on your food list.

Ai Marni

If you love pizza, you’re in for a treat. Located in the Trastevere region, this is one of the best pizza joints in the city, and is regularly frequented by locals, which should tell you a lot about its quality! The appetizers are as delicious as the pizza itself, and although its not the cheapest pizza place in Rome, it is still one of the cheaper options to try high quality, delicious food in the heart of the city.

L’Hamburgheria di Eataly

Yes, it’s burgers, but oh so delicious burgers! This is no McDonalds! High end up towards the lower end of the cheap scale, this is a great place to head if you’re near Via Veneto. Home made burgers, with the highest quality beef, as well as local beers. There are several options, as well as hot dogs and kebabs too. If you want to be healthy, there’s even a large salad bar. On top of all of this, everything is organic as far as possible – even more healthy!

Da Enzo

If you want to try some traditional Italian fare, head to Da Enzo, here you won’t break the bank either. Get there early, as there are literally only 12 tables maximum, but the intimate atmosphere makes for an even better experience. The best pasta can be found here, as well as more obscure local dishes, such as fried artichokes, and offal dishes that you probably won’t find anywhere else. A cheap option for a quality three course meal.

Flavio al Velavevodetto

The site of this restaurant tends to turn some heads, as its actually an old Roman landfill site! Situated at Monte Testaccio, the restaurant is filled with the old pottery and terracotta that was found in the old dumping site. Now, you can try some delicious Italian food whilst sitting on literal history. You probably will need to book in advance, as it does get very busy, especially during the summer months, but you won’t spend a fortune if you manage to get a table.

Da Remo

Located in Tesaccio, Da Remo is another pizza place that you’ll going to find hard to beat. The thin pizza is the best here, and you’ll get a true surprise when you order, because there is no menu, and you literally just have to think of the toppings you want! There are plenty of tables, but such is the popularity of this pizza joint, you may have to wait if you turn up just after the lunch or dinner rush out begins.

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