Best GPS Navigation Apps That Work Without Internet

We all know that part of travel includes the inevitability of getting lost from time to time. You might as well accept it, it will happen at some point! There is some fun in getting a little misplaced, provided you don’t venture too far away from your intended destination! To help you stay on the right track, if you’re someone who prefers to get from A to B without drama, there are several GPS apps you can download onto your smart phone, that will work without an online connection.

Of course, the market is flooded with such technological claims, so to help you sort out the good from the bad, here are four of the best GPS navigation apps that work without Internet.

Locus Map Pro

Available on Android only, this particular GPS app is one of the best rated by users, because of the different types of map on offer, and its accuracy. You can choose from roads, cycling tracks, hiking, and skiing routes, and you can use it whilst online, or upgrade to the offline version. Maps can be customised and you can also find out a little about the places you’re passing and visiting, thanks to tied in information from Wikipedia!

OruxMaps Offline Maps

Another offline choice, and this is a great option because it’s free! There are many features to this app, so it’s worth playing around with it a bit before you venture out on your first journey. Whilst usability isn’t perfect, the number of features and accuracy makes up for it, an as we mentioned, it’s free! You can track your route as well if you want to, but you will need to connect online for this particular feature.

Alpine Quest GPS

Another Android choice, this particular app is very easy to us and you can create a route and save it, and then go back to following it when you get in your car! Yu can set up various maps, and you can save them to your profile, to make it super-easy to use. There are also many different formats to choose from, so you can find the perfect one that you can read with ease.


This particular app is available on both IOS and Android, which makes it a very accessible choice for all. This is a very highly rated app in terms of how easy it is t use and follow, and it’s considered to have one of the best interfaces around. You can learn about places to stay, eat, and visit on your route, thanks to tied in information from Wikipedia again, and you can download information on continents and countries, if you have enough storage on your device. Oh, and it’s free too!

With these four apps for your smartphone device, you’re sure to stay on the straight and narrow, and not get lost along the way!

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