Greece: To Go, Or Not To Go?

It is virtually impossible to visit every single country and destination in the world, so in order to pinpoint the best spots to go to, we need to do our research ahead of time. Europe is packed with countries, cities, and resorts, and finding the time to visit all of them is literally something which would take your entire lifetime, and drain your bank account completely.

When checking out the various countries to visit, especially in the European region, many people think about Greece. There are some stunning places to visit in Greece, not only on the mainland, but also within the countless islands which sit in the glittering Aegean. Many people have been put off visiting Greece because of the financial crisis which occurred a few years ago, and as a result prices increased a little. The effects of this are starting to wear off now, thankfully, ad you will find cheaper prices compared to a few years ago.

So, should you put Greece on your visit list?

Hell, yes!

Greece is a beautiful country, and not only in the summer months. The vibe no matter where you go is laid-back, family-orientated, friendly, and totally chilled out, and there are some historic sights of importance to check out too. The capital, Athens, is packed with reminders of Ancient Greece and years gone by; think of the Acropolis for instance! Whilst you’ll find crowds in abundance during the main summer months at this historic spot, if you venture during the winter months, you’ll be able to walk around a little more freely at least.

Of course, most people tend to think about those idyllic islands in the Aegean, and if you can get to more than one, it’s a must do! Island hopping in the Greek region is one of the most popular activities these days, and you’ll find countless ferries which run between the main islands, to make your life a little easier. Simply pack a small cabin-sized wheelie case, a few essentials, and off you go!

Each island is subtly different to the next, and there is a huge amount of choice on offer! Santorini is one of the most popular, and this is where you will find those white-washed buildings with blue domed churches, sat on a steep hill, overlooking the glittering sea. Brightly coloured flowers are everywhere, the scent drifting through the air, small cafes offering delicious meze and authentic food, and that iconic Greek music filling your ears. Put simply, a visit to a Greek island is something you should have on your bucket list.

There are some touristic places, areas where late night partying and neon-lit bars have taken over, but you can choose to drift in and out of those if you place, or avoid them all together. Places like Zante have some wild resorts, but there are also smaller towns and villages on the island which will show you a much more authentic way of life.

So, Greece? It’s a definite yes!

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