Eat & Drink: 10 Things You Should Try in Prague

Prague is a beautiful place, full of sights to see and experiences to be had, but if you want to be truly authentic, there is one route to go down – gastronomy!

To have the best experience in Prague, you should delve into the various delicious foods and drinks on offer in the Czech capital. If you have no idea where to start, let’s check out ten things you should definitely try in Prague.


This is one of the most popular types of food you’ll find on the streets of Prague, and it’s a delicious treat to try on the go! Basically, these are pancakes or crepes, which are rolled up and filled with a variety of different delicious fillings, such as fruit, cream, jam, or nuts. You can find savoury options too, such as cheese and spinach, or meat too. You’ll find this very easily in cafes, and also at the Christmas markets, on various stalls.


This is a pastry that actually originates from Slovakia, but is found very commonly in Prague. It is often served as it is just warm and dusted with a little icing sugar, as well as cinnamon or nuts. It is sausage shaped wrap of pastry that is cooked over a flame, and is a common street food around the city.


This is a truly hearty meal of pork, dumplings and cabbage which has been stewed. You’ll find this to be very filling, as most Czech dishes are. You’ll also find it very commonly in traditional restaurants around the city, and in many homes too.


This is an open sandwich, which is often eaten as a snack, or as breakfast. You’ll find various toppings on offer, but the most common are eggs, ham, cucumber, and pickles. Many people combine different toppings according to their tastes!


This might be from the Hungarian region, but you’ll find it all over Prague and the Czech Republic. In this particular version however, there are less vegetables and more meat, than you will find in the Hungarian version. The meat is usually beef, but you will also find it with pork or chicken also. Served with gravy and dumplings, you’ll certainly be full!

Smazeny Syr

If you love cheese, you’ll love this dish. This is cheese which has been deep fried and is then served with either salad, bread, or fries. You’ll find it on the streets from various vendors, and it’s a staple snack for those who want something a little greasy!


Knedliky is commonly served as a side dish, and it is a dumpling which can be either savoury or sweet. Traditionally, it is savoury and is served with meat and gravy. The sweet version can be filled with items such as jam or fruit, depending on your taste.

Grilovane Kobasy

Another very hearty and common dish, this is sausages which have been grilled and are then served in a bread roll, with a sauce. The sauce can be many different types, so you get to choose, and you’ll find this as a street food choice also.

Raspberry Soda

A drink you have no doubt heard of elsewhere in the world, but it is very popular in Prague, especially during the summer months. You can find alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions everywhere.


This is another soda drink, but the brand named beverage is very popular. It is a cola taste, but not quite as fizzy as regular cola in a can or large bottle.

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