Top 10 Cities to Get Engaged

Saying ‘yes’ to that most important of questions is best done with a wonderful setting. Despite the fact that this is a special moment regardless of the location, there are some settings which are just made for romance. Saying ‘yes’ in front of the Eifel Tower is infinitely more special than saying ‘yes’ in front of the local parking lot!

If you’re looking for a special place to propose to your loved one, check out our top ten list of locations below, the perfect cities to get engaged and create memories to last a lifetime.


This is the worldwide city of love, so of course it’s the top spot for getting engaged! The Eiffel Tower, the River Seine, at one of the fantastic and top quality restaurants around the city, and perhaps in one of the beautiful parks – there are many places you can find romance in the air!


Packed with history, there is a very special feel to Rome, and it probably has something to do with all that stunning architecture and a laid back feel, despite the size of the place! There are many stunning spots to propose, but when you do it in Rome, you will always remember it!


Standing on the banks of the River Thames, with the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London surrounding you is the perfect backdrop for that special question! London also offers fantastic nightlife for after the question has been asked too.

New York

This is a city that truly never sleeps, and you can choose a wonderful spot to pop the question with ease. How about at the top of the Empire State Building, with that stunning cityscape before you?


‘Welcome to Miami’, as Will Smith sang! Miami has fantastic nightlife, brilliant beaches, and gorgeous weather – everything you need for a memorable proposal.


There is no better sight (perhaps) than the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge together. Can you imagine if that was the place you proposed? Memorable, and makes for some fantastic photos!


Bangkok is a very lively city, and one which mixes modern and old fantastically well. After your city break proposal, you can head off to an island and chill out on one of the many idyllic beaches!


During the winter months, there is no more romantic scene than Vienna. Packed with things to see and do, and some stunning architecture to take in, this low cost city destination is one which is becoming a proposal spot of choice.


This cosmopolitan city is one which most people have on their visit list, and with the chilled out, sophisticated vibe, it makes for the ideal proposal place. Las Ramblas is one of the most famous spots, but if you’re going to do it there, beware of crowds!


Finally, we have the floating city – can you imagine a more romantic spot? Of course, being serenaded on a gondola is a great place to try, but if you want to avoid the cliché, how about on one of the many bridges?

Now you’ve got your destination, what will your answer be?

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