Top 3 USA Road Trips

A road trip is one of the most memorable kinds of trip you’ll ever take in your life. Not only do you get the wind in your hair and the total freedom of the road in front of you, but you’ll also get to check out sights along the way that you would probably never have realised were there if you’d flown or gone a different way!

There are countless epic road trips across the globe, but the USA is home to some of the most famous. Let’s check out three of the best road trips you can take in, around, and through the USA.

Columbia River Scenic Highway

Most roads are built with the sole purpose of getting from one place to another, but this particular highway was built with another purpose in mind too – scenery and giving the driver and their passengers a top experience. You’re also getting history, as this role is almost a 100 years old.

The road spans over 75 miles and traverses winding routes and hills. The road starts just to the east of Portland, and travels through the Columbia Gorge. The end destination is Troutdale and along the way there are some stunning natural sights to take in, including waterfalls and huge vistas over the mountains. There are many stop off points where you can take plenty of photos and accommodation en-route too.

Route 66

Travelling from Illinois to California on this epic road is one of life’s great pleasures, and something you need to tick off that travel list before your days are up. Whilst the old road as we once knew it is no longer there in its entirety, there are sections of the original road that exist, and the feel is still the same.

The scenery is something to behold, and if you can hire one of those old cars to take you on the journey, with your favourite music blasting out, you’ll have the time of your life en route! The south-western portion of the route is the most famous, and this has some of the most jaw-dropping sights along the way, but every single section of this road will take you back in town.

Overseas Highway

There is something rather special about driving from Miami to Key West, as you venture over the bridges and causeways that split the Keys from the mainland. You’ll feel like you’re floating for much of the time!

The road was originally a railway route, but a hurricane damaged the route to the point where it was renovated and turned into a road. This isn’t the longest route, and it will only take you a couple of hours, but there are some fantastic scenic stop offs along the way, and plenty of seafood shacks you can enjoy a bite at too.

These are certainly three of the best road trips to enjoy in the USA, with plenty more besides.

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