Best Kids Books For a Family Vacation

If you’re looking for some great books to take away with you on your next family vacation, you have a huge range to choose from! Books are not only educational, but fun too, and they pass the time much more effectively than a game or a film!

If you can incorporate travel and learning about culture and different countries into a book whilst moving from place to place as a family, you can help your children become much more open minded, tolerant, and culturally aware.

So, let’s check out five popular books with families and children, that are ideal for a family vacation.

Madlenka, by Peter Sis – Madlenka takes children on a journey around New York City, appreciating diversity and cultural differences. Bakeries, restaurants, shops, and markets are visited, with different nationalities running them all. This is a great way to teach children about different cultures living together in harmony.

A Dublin Fairytale, by Nicola Colton – Not the Fairy Tale of New York, the one in Dublin! Based on Little Red Riding Hood, the heroin of the story doesn’t go to the woods to see her granny, but instead heads into the centre of Dublin!

Hamish The Hairy Haggis, by A K Paterson – Learn all about Scottish culture and history through the eyes of Hamish! A great, fun tale for kids, but with an educational background. Ideal if you’re actually heading to Scotland too.

Richard Scarry’s A Day at The Airport – This is a game and a book at the same time. Ideal for long plane journeys, this book has stickers and a sheet to help kids learn about what goes on at the airport and also about travel in general. It’s a really colourful book too.

Molly And The Magic Suitcase Series, by Chris Oler – Again, this is a colourful and really well illustrated book, and one which teaches kids about culture, food, traditions, and the like. It is a series of books which means you can easily keep your kids occupied whilst you’re moving from A to B!

Interactive books, which have a cultural aspect, and help kids learn about the world, accepting diversity and appreciating differences, are the ideal way to keep everyone occupied on their travels. Keeping your luggage streamlined is also easy, as you can download these onto your tablet or Kindle, and you don’t need to purchase paperbacks!

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