Save Money: Cheap French Wine You’ll Fall in Love With

France is known worldwide for having some of the best wines in the world. This is because of the landscape, the weather, and the many years of history. The French know how to make great wine, that’s for sure!

The downside of this is that you tend to have to pay quite a hefty price tag if you want to purchase a good, high quality bottle of vino from any of the French wine-making regions. We don’t all have the cash to spare to buy wine in abundance, or even to spend a fair amount on just one bottle. In that case, there’s some great news coming your way – there are some cheap French wines out there which are delicious, and don’t break the bank at the same time!

To prove this point to you, if you’re still shaking your head and assuming this to be an impossibility, let’s check out three of the cheapest and best French wines around, which you can buy for an absolute steal.

2010 Chateau La Prade Cotes de Francs

This wine is from the famous Bordeaux region, and it is made of a mixture of merlot grapes and cabernet (at a ratio of 90% to 10%).This leaves you with a dry, plummy type of wine, which has a delicious hint of blackberries underneath it. The ideal choice of wine for those who like their vino to be light, and not too heavy.

Domaine Jean Cartron Bourgogne Clos de la Combe Pinot Noir 2013

Most people assume that any wine from the exclusive Burgundy region is going to be hefty in its price, and that is usually the case, for sure. This particular wine however is somehow super cheap compared to the others, and doesn’t lack anything when it comes to taste! This is a dry red wine which has a toasty hint of oak, and an abundance of delicious strawberries. A true cheap French wine to fall head over heels with!

Joseph Drouhin La Foret Chardonnay 2013

This is another of those wines from that famous Burgundy region, and another that is relatively cheap when you take into account its origins! Another dry and crisp wine, one which won’t take over the taste of your food, and one which has fruity overtones – ideal for a girly night in, perhaps!

These are just three wines you can enjoy for a much cheaper price tag than you might think, and they’re all French, which means they’re high quality too!

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