Where is the line between economy and fraud and what are people ready to do to save a couple of bucks? Today we’ll tell you about the small money-saving tricks, tourists all around the world use during their trip (spoiler: most of them are legal).


The 8-S rule

Bet you didn’t know it even existed. The rule is quite simple: you can take 8 items starting with the letter S from your hotel number.

Smooth criminal starting kit: Shampoo, Soap, Shower gel, Shower cap, Sewing kit, Stationery, Shoe Shine Kits, Slippers.

How to save money during your trip

ICE PLC had a survey, revealing the most popular money-saving tricks. Here are the TOP-10:

-Taking out food for lunch from breakfast: 38.75%

- Not leaving a tip in a bar or restaurant: 32.20%

- Using the hotel's mini bar to store your own products: 29.40%

- Ask for a free late check-out to stay in the hotel room longer: 15.40%

- Asking for a taxi at the reception: 13.40%

- Entertaining a nearby hotel: 11.65%

- Lying about the age of the child to pay less for the entrance at a theme park: 11.20%

- Using the pool in a nearby hotel: 9.05%

- Using a transfer service from another hotel: 7.65%

- Pretending to be on a honeymoon or to book a hotel number: 5.55%

In our opinion, they’re quite controversial. Let’s make it better — share your favorite money-saving tricks with us in comments. Bet, you have a few in your pocket.